First Root CAMP – many to come!

September 29, 2012 in Blog

I wanna start up with saying GRACE! I am, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU all for a great first Root CAMP! Partners and mostly all you hard working athletes! I am truly greatful forh the amazing energy, willpower and fighting spirit you brought to the wet grounds of Slottsskogen today and hey.. The “sunshine order” was pretty well timed, right?! This was the first Root CAMP.. many to follow and now.. You all have a jump start:-)

So what happened out there today you might ask?!

A warm up run in the beautiful Slottsskogen, A cirquit training session (Kettlebells, battling ropes, medicine balls, bulgarian bags and pure bodyweight drills) followed by a snack and the CLIMB up the Ski jumping slope! BOM!

I wanna do this report in pictures instead of by too many words.. they SO speak for themselves..

With great help from Jonas Ljungberg (MXDC), Stefan Ljung (Casall), Martin Brinde  (Brinde Fitness Consulting), Jennie Waara and Daniel Emgard (Apartment Fitness Club) and yummi bars from Therese Nilsson (

This was indeed an EPIC Saturday!

To everybody attending: Great stuff you guys!!!

I am truly impressed with every single one of you!

To Eddie Löfvenholm who did most rounds up the hill and to Magdalena Trumstedt who was tailing him to the last second, congrats to winning an MXDC outfit and a Personal Trainer Session at Apartment Fitness Club.

The money we collected goes to BRIS and if you want to make a contribution yourself, you can easily do so from here: BarnensRättISamhället